Fighting Heart Disease and Cancer


Do It Like It Means Something is a non-profit corporation registered in the State
of Texas and recognized as a 501(c)(3) by IRS.

Our Mission Statement

"Do It Like It Means Something" will expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for children and adults with heart-health or cancer issues, through advocacy, education, and supporting health-focused lifestyle activities.

Our Goals

Our objectives in forming this non-profit effort are:

We are supporting athletes and initiatives for lesser-known charities, who are in turn supporting patients and their families. We want to:

Our Plan

Funding - There are a number of ways in which "Do It Like It Means Something" intends to promote these charities or events. Our efforts will be funded through direct gifts, corporate gift-matching, entry fees for events we sponsor, and future grant opportunities as they become available.

Support - We will assist athletes who promote charities which fit within our mission. "Do It Like It Means Something" will work with the athlete to determine what level of assistance is needed and available, whether the need is marketing and promotion assistance, or serving as the Fiscal Sponsor of tax-deductible donations for a project, for example.

Our Board will periodically select charities which fit within the goals and mission of "Do It Like It Means Something", to promote and/or act as a fundraising vehicle to support their cause. In that instance, we will serve as a recipient of tax-deductible donations and distribute the funds to the organization.

Within the constraints of a 501(c)(3) as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, and the focus defined in our mission statement, "Do It Like It Means Something" will continually review opportunities to support charities within our area of interest.

Contact Information

Tel: 512-426-9216
Cycling, Triathlon and Running Teams