Fighting Heart Disease and Cancer


Do It Like It Means Something is a non-profit corporation registered in the State
of Texas and recognized as a 501(c)(3) by IRS.

The Logo

In All Things You Do, Have A Purpose... Everything Else Is Just A Waste Of Time.
Even in the design of our logo there is meaning... take a look at it for a second.
The heart with the broad "arm" underneath it - while our first and probably largest effort is focused on heart health and heart disease (the heart), we still intend to be involved in and support (the arm) a number of other causes.
The ribbons - probably very obvious already, but we have personal ties to breast cancer (pink), lymphoma and fibromyalgia (purple), and leukemia (orange).
The circle - we know it takes a concentrated effort and an ongoing relationship with others to succeed in any effort - a circle of friends and supporters, if you will.
The background - the level playing field, so to speak. We hope that our drive to support smaller charities will spread fundraising to these other efforts.


"Do It Like It Means Something" intends to remain more transparent than required by law. All our documentation will be open to the public for review, within the limitations of privacy laws. Our intent is not to expose anybody or any organization to any non-legitimate issue, and most certainly not to any illegal activity.

If you encounter any person or group purporting to represent this non-profit corporation, please contact us BEFORE you commit to any relationship with them.

Our Organization

This Board was chosen to address specific areas of need; involvement in community, experience in sport, background in non-profit structure, accounting knowledge, church or organizational knowledge. Primarily, the requirement was to have a cohesive group of rational thinkers with a common desire - to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our Board of Directors includes a two-time cardiac survivor, a community visionary experienced in organization, a marathon runner and triathlete, a cycling coach and administrator in emergency services, and a financial systems expert, non-profit CFO and grant-writer.

Contact Information

Tel: 512-426-9216
Cycling, Triathlon and Running Teams